Preventive antifungal skin care

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Its main function is to protect our body from infections. There are few types of skin infections: viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal skin infection. Every day our skin is subjected to severe pressure (bad environmental conditions, unbalanced nutrition, stress, bad habits). Our skin works on the edge of it capabilities. We should take care of our skin, so that it does not suffer from various diseases. First of all, skin care involves lifestyle adjustments:

  • exclusion of bad habits
  • selection of a balanced diet based on the needs of the body
  • optimal sports mode
  • selection of skin care products based on skin problems
  • the use of predominantly natural products for the treatment of skin
  • qualitative and natural home skin care

Antifungal skin care

Fungi often grow in warm and moist environments, thus in the case of regular physical exertion or in the case of hyperhidrosis – it is necessary to use anti-sweat feet cream. Anti-sweat preparations should also have an antifungal effect, block unpleasant odor and regulate perspiration. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a shower for a long time, change your shoes to soft home slippers, or regularly do sport – you may be prone to the fungal infections of the skin and nails. Therefore, you should use special preparations for the skin with hyperhidrosis and with an additional antifungal effect for the skin and nails.

Skin microtrauma (cracks, corns, scratches, nail injuries) because of uncomfortable shoes can also be at the bottom of nail fungus. In this case, home care preparation should prevent the development of infection and promote rapid healing of the skin.  Damaged skin also needs vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. The natural components of antifungal Veratin Skin Care preparations activate natural skin immunity, moisturize the upper layer of the epidermis as well as strengthen and restore the nail plate. Such multifunctional skin and nail home care is not only a good antifungal prophylaxis, but also an adequate over the counter antifungal treatment.

It should be noted, that the solution to the skin and nails problems, especially in the case of antifungal therapy, begins with proper and effective prevention. Do not ignore skin problems such as hyperhidrosis, cracks, injuries, and any nail changes – fungus is easier to prevent with home care than to treat!

Antifungal nail care

Besides fungal skin care you should also take care of your nails. If possible, you should remove everything that can weaken your nail plate. For example, you should not use cheap and low-quality nail polishes, you also should use the protective gloves during the contact with household chemicals. An important factor is antifungal nail care after prolonged use of gel polish. Gel polish often causes nail dystrophy. Almost every woman complains that the nails became weak and changed color after long-term manicure – in such cases nails become vulnerable to the fungus. It is necessary to use special balm for nails and periungual roller, which have antifungal, antiseptic and regenerative effects. Home remedies for fungal nails should also relieve inflammation of the periungual roller. Best way to avoid nail fungal infection lies in moisturizing, nourishing the skin and nail. Thus, you should choose preparations which nourish, moisturize, restore, strengthen and protect the nail plate and periungual roller.

Special attention should be paid to nail care for people who have recently cured a fungal nail disease or who are currently undergoing antifungal treatment. Home care for such nails should include stimulating the growth of a healthy nail plate, protecting the periungual nail and other nails from the spread of infection, restoring the normal structure of the nail

Basic recommendations for home preventive antifungal skin and nail care

  • always use disposable shoes in bowling, showers, on the rink
  • wipe your feet thoroughly after bathing, including the interdigital space
  • do not share your shoes with other people
  • use antifungal preparations in your home care
  • strengthen your nails with special home care remedies
  • carefully monitor the health of your skin and nails (treat cracks, calluses and changes in the nail structure)

Veratin Skin Care – we care about people!

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