About Us

The “Veratin Skin Care” trademark, registered by “Flosvita”, is not just cosmetics, it is a business and production concept based on the rule that our skin care preparations should respond these requirements: naturalness, safety, effectiveness, responsibility and help. Studying the needs of people who buy our cosmeceutical products – we have identified the main factors of our success:

  • we should use all the professionalism and experience of an entire team of pharmacists, biologists and chemical technologists to make our products universal, unique and really helping people
  • we should create more than just products – we should create a skin and nail problems solutions
  • we should develop and more and more advanced cosmeceuticals skin care products that will help to neutralize some problems due to effective and high-quality home skin care

Twenty-seven-year experience in pharmacology and cosmeceuticals gave us not only the image of a trustworthy company, but also a serious research base in the phytochemistry. Therefore, we speak with confidence that Veratin Skin Care cosmetics can be used as an effective home skin care, as well as being an auxiliary therapeutic agent for significant health problems.

All our preparations are developed personally by us, each ingredient is tested and evaluated by a whole team of professionals. We control the production cycle of our products: we carefully and independently select materials for preparations, monitor the production process, study products before launching on the market and collect feedback from our customers very carefully.

The basis of our production is sincere care for the people. Therefore, we strive for the naturalness, hypoallergenicity and non-toxicity of our preparations. Taking care that the compositions of our products, which account for up to 94% of natural components, help as many people as possible – we have expanded our profile to therapeutic cosmeceuticals. We use CO2-extracts of plants, medicinal plant oils and other useful components that you can study in open formulations.

The main areas in which the “Veratin Skin Care” cosmeceuticals received the most significant results are oncology (protection of the skin tissue of cancer patients during radiation therapy), podology (preservation of the foot tissue of patients with diabetes, the fight against fungal skin and nail damage), cosmetology (elimination aesthetic skin problems: acne, rosacea, pigmentation).

We do not stop at the achieved results, we understand that with the development of civilization, the number of human problems is growing, so we are studying skin cell immunity, new properties of plants and their combinations, and needs of people. We want to use all our capabilities and resources to improve the standard of living of people who have faced problems with skin or nails.

Our preparations are care for people expressed through nature, our experience and desire to help.

Veratin Skin Care – improve the quality of your life!