Veratin Skin Care Home epidermal repair cream

Home epidermal repair cream

Due to the cosmetology every woman has the opportunity to be beautiful nowadays. There are many different procedures:

  • chemical peels,
  • mesotherapy,
  • biorevitalization,
  • microdermabrasion,
  • various types of facial cleansing,
  • contouring,
  • laser procedures,
  • permanent makeup.

Each of these directions of cosmetology has its own goals, techniques, and recovery period. But they are united by one factor – to achieve the effect after any procedure, you need to choose high-quality home care. Any effect on the skin is stressful, so after each procedure our skin needs light, effective, natural and “smart” care.

Correct after peel skin care

1. Post peel care. Peels are of three types: superficial (almond peel, peel with alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic and retinoic peel), median (azelaic peel, salicylic with acid 20%, trichloroacetic acid peel) and deep (phenol peel).

After any type of peel, skin becomes vulnerable to infections, because its epidermis layer is damaged during the procedure (some types of peels affect deeper layers of the skin). Besides, the main effect of peel of any kind is aimed at accelerating the skin cells renewal. So, perfect peel aftercare should

  • accelerate epithelization
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • protect the skin from infections
  • relieve redness and swelling
  • prevent scarring.

General skin care after peeling includes the following instructions:

  • delicate skin cleansing with natural preparations,
  • skin moisturizing with soft creams and thermal water,
  • obligatory skin protection from ultraviolet and cold, 
  • avoiding of skin sweating and steaming,
  • avoiding the aggressive skin care products and procedures,
  • exclusion of visits sauna, tanning salon, gym,
  • exclusion of alcohol, spicy, hot and fatty foods.

Mesoestetic, contouring, biorevitalization post procedure fast skin repair

  • Face repair after injection procedures (biorevitalization, contouring, mesotherapy) should include moisturizing, the epidermis acid-base balance restoring, relieving irritation, swelling and bruising, and preventing the appearance of inflammatory elements.

In some cases, the action of fast skin repair cream should remove the individual body reactions to a particular procedure such as itching, burning sensation, severe erythema, intense peeling, pustular formations.

General skin care after injection procedures includes such rules:

  • use only with boiled water for clean your face
  • do not use towels, it is better to dry your skin with napkins
  • use a soft moisturizer and thermal water when you feel tight skin
  • do not drink alcohol
  • exclude all other cosmetic procedures
  • do not swim in the pool
  • use sunscreen cream
  • avoid temperature extremes

Fast skin repair after facial cleansing

  • Facial cleansing care – repair after procedure. Facial cleansing can be manual, ultrasonic, vacuum and laser. Each method has its own characteristics of removing skin impurities, however, the recovery period for any cleansing is similar. The first and main rule of the repair care cream after cleansing is a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Home repair cream should not only soothe irritated, inflamed, damaged skin, but also prevent the appearance of new inflammatory elements.

So, the main requirements for the care preparation after facial cleansing are

  • redness and swelling removing,
  • inflammation and peeling removing,
  • healing of injuries (wounds, scratches),
  • intensive moisturizing,
  • scars preventing,
  • accelerating the regeneration of the skin.

Any aesthetic skin care cream should not contain aggressive ingredients. Also, the care cream should be neutral to ultraviolet with the ability to use it in both summer and winter periods, it should guarantee the protection of weakened skin from infections, accelerate skin regeneration processes and epithelization, trigger metabolic processes in deeper layers.

Such preparation is Veratin Cosmo Cream, which is specially developed to complete any cosmetic procedure and to care for damaged and sensitive skin.

Veratin Cosmo Cream has in its composition well-chosen natural ingredients that have a soft, but at the same time powerful synergistic effect on the skin. The components are selected taking into account all possible complications after cosmetic procedures. Veratin Cosmo Cream will take care of all possible complications, while protecting, moisturizing, nourishing, restoring your skin!

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